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Finally bought Sailfish X for my Xperia XA2 after using the demo for about 2 months. I must say that the Android 8.1 support is not too bad.

#SailfishOS #jolla

#Jolla Releases Sailfish X Beta for the Xperia XA2

The #SailfishX beta is now available for all #XperiaXA2 variants and will cost 29,90€ for the time being. In addition to the free Sailfish OS images, the package includes predictive text input, MS Exchange support and an initial beta release for the Android app support.

- Release Notes:
- Blog Post:
- Jolla Shop:

Meanwhile Signal Android stopped working on my #Jolla. I can receive messages, I just can't send them. Yay.

There is Whisperfish for #SailfishOS:

...but the last release is from April, and it has the very same problem. -_-;

And moxie cannot be bothered to standardize the protocol, because "the ecosystem is moving". FML.

#SailfishX: The Android app compatibility for the Sony #XperiaXA2 should be available in the Jolla Store at the end of January. The initial version will be a public beta.

Via #Jolla Blog Post: #SailfishOS

#SailfishOS 3.0.1 Sipoonkorpi Public Release is Now Available

Jolla released the latest Sailfish version as an OTA update to all Jolla devices, #XperiaX and #XperiaXA2. Key elements of this update are related to security, communication and user experience.

Read more about the update in the #Jolla Blog Post:
Release notes:

收到了来自 #jolla-cn 的圣诞礼物(?)😅😂

#SailfishOS Sipoonkorpi ist da! #Jolla #Sailfish

#SailfishOS 3.0.1 Sipoonkorpi Update for Early Access Testers is out

This update is mainly a bug fix update, but also adds new features to the Email app, ambiences, initial NFC support, small UI changes and more.

-Release Notes: #Jolla #Sailfish3